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Brian E. Brown's Bakers Dozen Collections

For the past several years I have been OCRing stories from the pulps and sending them to Pulpgen for reprinting. And then one day -- Poof! -- Pulpgen was gone. For a time I wondered what I was going to do with myself since I enjoyed reading those old pulp stories. And then I got the idea to do this. A series of ePub collectins of the stories I had been preparing for Pulpgen. The challenger I set for myself was to collect thirteen stories in the chosen genre by (if possible) thirteen different authors selected from thirteen differemt magazines.

Beb's Bakers Dozen-01-Detective Stories 01 epub pdf

  1. The Ghost Wore Boots By Richard B. Sale. Detective Fiction Weekly, Feb. 2 1935.
  2. Clip-Joint Adventuress By Frank Gruber. Detective Romance Jan. 1937.
  3. Snatchers Are Suckers by Robert C. Donohue. Black Book Detective, March 1942.
  4. Suicide Satchel By J. Lane Linklater. Secret Agent X, Dec. 1935.
  5. Killer for Sale! By John Bender. Captain Zero, Nov. 1949.
  6. Balance of Power by Jerome Severs Perry. Spicy Detective, June, 1936.
  7. Satan Takes a Picture by Paul Ernst Detective Tales July 1937.
  8. These Shoes Are Killing Me by Leroy Yerxa. Mammoth Detective May 1943.
  9. Death Is Waiting by John L. Benton. G-Men Detective Oct 1943.
  10. Pop-off Rookie by Leo Hoban. Masked Detective Dec. 1941.
  11. Death's Race by G. Wayman Jones. Thrilling Detective, July 1932.
  12. An Order for Murder By Steve Fisher . Popular Detective, March 1936.
  13. Hideaway in Hell by Arthur Leo Zagat. Detective Tales, Dec. 1935.
  14. total: 66,600 words

Beb's Bakers Dozen-02-Western Stories 01 epub pdf

  1. Desert Dust by Hapsburg Liebe. Ace-High Dec. 18, 1932.
  2. A Six-gun Showdown By Carl Rogers. Ace High, Nov. 3 1932.
  3. The Tameness of the Wild West by William H. Greene. The Argosy, Feb. 1912.
  4. Night Raid by Ernest Haycox. Fromtier Stories, Apr, 1929.
  5. Dandy Boy and the Hon'rable Mawde by Annesley Burrowes. Short Stories, April, 1916.
  6. Riders of the Rain by Allan R. Bosworth. Popular Western Nov.1941.
  7. The Card on the Beam by Nevil G. Henshaw. Railroad Man's June 1910.
  8. TASCOSA PARTNERS by Robert Moore Williams, Mammoth Westerns, Dec. 1946.
  9. When Brother Are Men by Wayne D. Overholser. Popular Western, Nov. 1941.
  10. The Riders of Ramapo Pass by Dean L. Heffernan. All-Story Weekly, Dec. 20, 1919.
  11. The Renegade of Painted Mesa By Ruth Anderson. Thrilling Ranch, Mov. 1933.
  12. The Running of Silver River by C. F. Bourke. Munsey's Magazine. Mar 1908,
  13. Desert Drift by John Briggs Short Stories, Oct. 1, 1923.
  14. total 89,000 words

Beb's Bakers Dozen-03-Early Science Fiction 01 epub pdf

  1. Into Space By Sterner St. Paul (S.P. Meek) Astounding Stories Feb. 1930.
  2. The Second Shell by Jack Williamson. Air Wonder Stories, Nov. 1929.
  3. The Lunar Chrysalis by Raymond Gallun. Amazing Stories, Sept. 1931.
  4. Spawn of the Stars By Charles Willard Diffin Astounding, Feb, 1930.
  5. The Atom Smasher by P. Schuyler Miller . Amazing Stories, Jan. 1934.
  6. The Time Tragedy by Raymond A. Palmer. Wonder Stories, Dec. 1934.
  7. The Flame-Worms of Yokku by Hal K. Wells. Amazing Stories, March 1933.
  8. The Heat Ray by O. L. Beckworth. Air Wonder Stories, April 1930.
  9. The World of the Red Sun by Clifford Simek. Wonder Stories, Dec. 1931,
  10. The Planetoid of Peril By Paul Ernst. Astounding Stories Nov. 1931.
  11. The Time Anniihilator by Edgar A, Manley and Walter Thode. Wonder Stories, Nov. 1930.
  12. Brain of Venus by John Russell Fear. Thrilling Wonder, February 1937.
  13. The Molten Bullet by Anthony Rud. Thrilling Wonder, June 1937.
  14. Total 111,660 words

Beb's Bakers Dozen-04-Haunting Stories 01 epub pdf

  1. The Closing Hand by Farnsworth Wright. Weird Tales March 1923.
  2. The Terror by Night By Charles Willard Diffin. Strange Tales. Jan. 1933.
  3. In the House of Screaming Skulls by M. Bouillard As told to Ed Poirers. Ghost Stories, Dec. 1926.
  4. The Man Who Was Dead by Helen Topping Miller. All-Story Weekly March 3, 1917.
  5. A Grave for Grogan by Norman A. Daniels. Black Book Detective, March 1942.
  6. The Black Laugh by William J. Makin. Strange Tales, January 1932.
  7. The Accusing Voice by Meredith Davis. Weird Tales March 1923.
  8. The Tide on the Moaning Bar by Fannie Hodgson Burnett. The Argosy Oct. 1899.
  9. Man Who Paid By Jim Preston as told to Will Whitmore. Ghost Stories, Oct. 1926.
  10. Fulfillment by Will Garth. Strange Stories. Apr. 1939.
  11. The Volcanologist by Philip M. Fisher, jr. All-Story Weekly, Oct. 4, 1919.
  12. The Cult of the Dead by Gabriel Wilson. Strange Stories, Oct/ 1939.
  13. The Image of Sesphra by James Branch Cabell. Romance, Oct. 1920,
  14. total words: 64,500.

Beb's Bakers Dozen-05-Adventure Stories 01 epub pdf

  1. Down Among the Dead Men by S. Ten Eyck Bourke. Munsey's Magazine. Oct. 1915.
  2. Patrols of Peril by Frederick C. Davis. Air Stories, August 1927.
  3. Safari Slayer by Charles S. Strong. Thrilling Adventure, Feb. 1943.
  4. The Skeleton By B. M. Bower, The Popular Oct. 1909.
  5. The Fetish Stick by Edgar Wallace. Adventure, 1st Apr 1918,0
  6. Right Smack at You! By W. Wirt Frontier Stories, Apr, 1929.0
  7. The Dagger of Macbeth by Stephen Chalmers. All-Story Weekly May 22, 1920.
  8. The Beloved of Allah by Eugene A. Clanncy. Argosy April 24, 1920.
  9. Jerk Gets Girl by V. V. Dredaine. Mammoth Adventure, Sept 1947.
  10. “Bwana, Beware The Devil's Belly!” by Captain Hugh Thomason. Jungle Stories, Winter 1941.
  11. Some Pearls and a Swine by Cark Clausen. Romance October 1920.
  12. The Fetish of Remorse by Achmed Abdullah. Short Stories. April 1916.
  13. Sand and Diamonds By Victor Rousseau. Action Stories, Sept. 1926.
  14. total words: 80.300

Beb's Bakers Dozen-06-Detective Stories 02 epub pdf

  1. He Gave Him a Gun by Laurence Donovan. Exciting Detective, Oct. 1940.
  2. Guiltless Murder by Robert R. Mill. Blue Book, Apr. 1937.
  3. A Pearl of Price by Raymond S. Spears. Munsey's Magazine. July, 1908.
  4. Racket Toll by Frank Gruber. Crime Buster, Feb, 1938. (Jim Strong #6)
  5. The Chinese Box by C. K. M. Scanlon. Black Book Detective/ Jan. 1948.
  6. The Dead Client By J. Lane Linklater. Detective Fiction Weekly Dec. 2, 1933.
  7. The Case of the Golden Lily By Francis D. Grierson. Weird Tales, Oct. 1923.
  8. Death's Advance Shadow by Arthur J. Burks. Phantom Detective, April 1941.
  9. The Murder Masterpiece By G. T. Fleming-Roberts. Secret Agent X, Sept 1934.
  10. The Ten-dollar Hunch by Robert Sidney Bowen. Popular Detective, March 1938.
  11. The Love That Kills by Norvell W. Page. Detective Tales, Dec. 1935.
  12. The Dead Are Always With Us by Clint Morgan (ps Edwin Truett Long). Spicy Detective, June 1936.
  13. Don't Fence Me out by Brett Halliday, Mammoth Detective, August 1945. Art: Fuqua.
  14. total words: 61,500